Bees are some of our best friends on this beautiful planet we inhabit. One reason is because they make wonderful honey!

Did you know in ancient times, and until fairly recently, honey was used to heal minor injuries? It has natural antibacterial properties, so it cannot allow bacteria to live. You have never seen a jar of honey growing mold, have you? Try this yourself next time you get a minor scrape or cut. Wash first with good ol' soap and water, then apply a thin layer of honey. Because honey is germicidal, meaning it kills germs that try to grow, the cut will not get infected.

Yup, I think this is a good reason to add honey to soap and other beauty products.

Honey has several other wonderful characteristics, but I'd say being a germ killer is one of the best!

The antique charm of milk and peanut butter combine with beeswax and honey, known for their germicidal  (antibacterial) properties, to blend your bath soap with nature - an easy way to put luxury and healing in the palm of your hand.
Cone on - Get buttered up/.